Meet the Team 

Name: Nubia C. Hill | Title: CEO Founder of Black Fire 

Age: 21 

Year: Senior (BSC) 

Major: Fashion, Textile & Technology 

An optimistic perfectionist, forever competing to be one of the best at. . . everything. 

"Born in Manhattan & raised in Syracuse, I am the daughter of an Afrocentric, southern bell, social worker & a musically inclined, martial arts Sifu. I am the baby sister of a painter, a sketch artist, a cosmetologist, a graphic designer, a poet, an aspiring rapper, & the niece of a top-notch lawyer. With all of that being said, growing up over the years, I picked up & excelled in a variety of talents. From my mother, I picked up skills in culinary, interior design, gardening, counseling, socializing, & most importantly hand/machine sewing. From my father I picked up skills in boxing, martial arts, & most importantly multiple skills in music. Now even though music & fashion are my areas of expertise, thanks to my siblings, I also excel in hair/make-up, writing, technology, & debating. I dress to match the many hats I wear every day. Now based on how I dress, my innovative way of thinking, & how I carry myself, I give all thanks to the era this generation is still growing up in; an era that glorifies media. My sense of style & my sense of what's right and wrong is most definitely influenced by the trends & acts displayed in the media. I do not always follow the new trends, but I dress myself everyday by choosing the trends that scream my name & the positive image that I want to portray, & I try to encourage the people that come across my path to do the same. Three words to describe my style would be, respectable, yet rebellious, and free."

Name: Terron Grant | Title: COO- Co Founder of Black Fire 

Age: 20 

Year: Senior (BSC) 

Major: Business Administration 

The hardest working man in every business he's involved in. 

“Grenadian Roots, Brooklyn born, and Queens raised, I am a junior and a business administration major. My three main interests are politics, business, and engineering; which might seem boring to some but I believe all correlate to mold a well-rounded person. For example, being around politicians, I realized the importance of understanding infrastructure; in order to lead one must first be knowledgeable. Further, my business experience has taught me to respect infrastructure within society such as, capitalism. In a capitalistic society it is difficult for a firm to stay afloat, hence, become profitable, so I value firms significantly and respect their way of business. Lastly, studying engineering has molded me into thinking more creatively, efficiently, and effectively. Politics, business, and engineering simply means to me, understanding, respecting, and building. Overall, I’m just a simple college student trying to be intellectually savvy, financially stable, and informed. I stay true to myself and always remember the primary goal as to why I’m in college in the first place; balancing academics, work, and fun.” 

Name: Jalessa Montaque | Title: Official Co-Photographer & Videographer 

Brand: Lessamontography 

Age: 20 

Year: Senior (BSC) 

Major: Photography 

The Free-spirited Shutterbug 

Born and raised on the island of Reggae and dreadlocks and currently residing in Upstate NY. Just a college student still wandering around to see what to do with the rest of her life. When I'm not doing that, I love playing video games, discovering music, slowly destroying my eardrums with the music I find, brainstorming new ideas, daydreaming about places I want to visit and collecting gadgets. I’m also a Free-spirited Shutterbug. Here's why, once I get going I can't stop taking photos. Ask my friends how it's almost impossible for me to delete pictures. I love all kinds of styles of photography but, I like putting my own little twist to it. I hate sticking to one thing. It helps me open my mind to the different possibilities. I include this same style when I’m filming. Call me your visual artist extraordinaire. 

Name: Denzel Griffith | Title: Official Co-Photographer | Brand: Ddgvision 

Age: 21 

Year: Graduate (Five Towns College) 

Major: Music Composition 

I am a senior at Five Towns College studying music composition. My interest in photography sparked from watching my older brother take pictures. How he was able to capture emotion and excite people really interested me. Slowly I started to pick up the skills, bought my first camera, and I've been taking pictures ever since. I’m not sure where photography might take me but I am ready for the journey. 

Name: Cletus Emokpae | Title: University at Buffalo Representative | Brand: I AM Cletus Age: 21 

Year: Senior (UB) 

Major: Communications, International Trade & Geography

Born in Nigeria but resides in Staten Island NY. I am what you would call a jack of many trades but I specialize In marketing and innovations. I take pride in being very involved in all that I invest my time in. I'm a known radio personality and host of In The Booth FM the most popular collegiate college show in Buffalo, I'm a stylist, master of ceremony and brand ambassador, photographer/videographer amongst many other things. As well as, very involved in the college scene as an event planner and promoter. As our Collegiate ambassador, I represent Black fire Clothing and I am the liaison between black fire clothing and the market. I pride myself in my vision for fashion and the arts, as well as business expertise and believes everyone should live to express themselves. I'm also a proven marketer and have a very innovative mind. I define my style as urban dapper or second hand chic. I am a huge thrifter and believe that fashion should never break your pockets. I am also known for my signature piece, the bow tie, which I wear everyday and have over 200 in my collection. I feel that how you dress is your first impression to the outside world and how see yourself will be shown in your style it is apart of your expression. I'm very excited for the future of Black Fire Clothing and using my talents to expand the brand.

Contact: Instagram/Twitter @cletus_realtalk, Facebook "I AM Cletus" and email